This, my lovely readers, is my first post. How truly exciting! To keep it short and sweet, I shall get straight to the point: The primary purpose of this blog is to share the glorious (and perhaps not so glorious) times of my life as a teenager. I am a real handful, but I will explain more about them later on (So stick with me!). 

Baking is one of my absolute favorite activities and I do so very, VERY often. So often that  the oven I have at home has somehow deteriorated to the point where the temperature is not evenly distributed to the goods that I bake. Oh well. This morning I baked a huge batch of oh-so-heavenly shortbread cookies. I plan to decorate them with chocolate later and sell them at school. You see, I am trying to accumulate money for the 40 hour famine fundraiser that is happening around this time. My aim is $125. *let’s hope the girls at my school will want to buy my cookies! If not I’ll feel pretty bummed out…*