One of the most vexing and unexpected things about having anorexia is the addiction you develop towards all things food related. Who would have known? After all, being anorexic usually means you are really restrictive towards the foods you eat, having fear consuming it and like to go hungry. 

This issue is very evident for me as I can not stop looking and reading food blogs. It makes me hungry, and I know I never will eat the recipes that I look up. Maybe, it gives me a sense of power….? That people go off making and eating all these foods, and I am able to read all about it but restrain from eating anything like that? Man, why is this disorder so strange??

So right now, my main interest is cooking, baking, and food. Everything else becomes isolated and unappealing. I wish to change this…but perhaps with my starving body my mind can’t stop thinking and being near food.

Would this addiction towards food fade if I start eating more and stuff like that??

Though, I am genuinely passionate about baking and cooking! My family is also a big foodie, so we love cooking and engaging in food-related activities. Well, that just aggravates my addiction does it not? 😛

Geraldine, when will you take action and REALLY, REALLY try to fight ED?