After getting most of my homework done, I went out to the garden this morning and found the most amazing thing. I forgot its name, but look at the image above. This gorgeous plant is believed to have the ability to grant wishes when the wisher blows its fragile white ‘petals’ into the wind. I probably looked like an idiot, but I plucked it from the ground and made a wish. What I found surprising was the wish I wanted to make. There are just so many things I want, but deciding which one of them is the most important to me is almost impossible. It came down to three: Having good grades all the time, being a good person with a pure heart and mind, and having eternal and genuine happiness. So I decided to ask for all three! Haha! 

Anyways. My plans for today include making lunch (rice stir fry for my brother and something else for me), baking cookies that I promised to make for my friend and getting homework done later. (maybe after lunch or something). In a few days, I didn’t know that I will be seeing my doctor for a checkup! I have lost quite a lot of weight! SHIT! I am actually so worried….either I go to the extreme and put on some weight before my check up or face a whole lot of complications!! Okay, if I am to put on weight, I will have to force feed myself calorie dense foods…Gosh I really don’t want to though… 😦