ImageNot too long ago, I had a late night snack that really challenged me. I took four pieces of wholegrain Vita-Weat crackers, smeared with generously with avocado, topped with slices of Double Brie cheese and dollops of natural raspberry jam. It was heavenly. Along the process of constructing it, I snacked on copious amounts of almond and slivers of green avocado. I really want to put on weight and so in order to do that I must consume more calories!! However it is a struggle because to be honest, I do not want to eat more nor do I want to change my eating, but I must. 

I actually feel really disgusting right now…As in literally. My stomach seems to be unable to digest this surprisingly new amount of fat and possibly carbohydrates…I feel a bit sick….Eugh…And there’s tomorrow. Sigh. Sometimes, I just want it all to end.