I am so, so, so geniuinely grateful for the beautiful life God has given me. However, I feel that I have abused it in multiple ways throughout the recent years, bringing me a sad sense of guilt. I am trying to rekindle my ways and to make the most of my privileges.

Thank you, God, for:

  • My absolutely amazing family
  • A healthy, normal body and mind
  • Enabling me to have an education and to be able to try a wide range of things
  • giving me the ability to have whatever I need and desire
  • My unique personal attributes
  • Being there during the good and bad times
  • The ability to be warm when winter approaches
  • Basically Everything!

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not forget to appreciate the things you have and are able to attain. There are so many poor people out there in the world. Poverty is a serious and prevalent issue. Also, when you can, try to help the world.