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Why am I so afraid of eating carbohydrates? I mean, I am not extremely terrified of the prospect of eating it as I do aim to include decent amounts of carbohydrates in my diet (such as sweet potatoes, dairy, fruit, and wholegrain crackers), but just thinking about eating a whole sandwich, pasta, or rice gives me the chills. Carbohydrates is not fattening. It is nutritionally important, and the average food intake of an individual such as myself should mainly comprise of carbohydrates. 

So why am I afraid?

Well, I guess I know that they are calorie dense, and I also know from reading lots of nutrition articles that excess consumption of carbs leads to storage of fat in the body. 

But seriously, I wish I can get over it! Carbohydrates are essential, and without a doubt important for weight gain. I can not put on proper weight or achieve recovery without eating adequate quantities of carbohydrates….They are really good too I must admit….

Bread…pasta…… yummy 


I mean there are lots of really nutritious carbohydrate sources, including wholegrain breads, oatmeal, wholegrain crackers, fruit, wholemeal pasta…..

Oh, stupid eating disorder!


Everyone says “Just eat” or “Eat more”. They say it like it is an easy thing, treat it as if it as simple as taking a stroll into a peaceful park. I suppose for a normal person, to eat more is quite normal or even a joy for them, however for someone with an eating disorder, to ‘eat more’ is like ‘ dive yourself into a world of pain’. It is incredibly difficult…. I wish I could explain to others about this, but it is hard. 

I want to put on weight; to get over my fear foods; and change my ways, but at the same time a part of me is fighting against it and pulling me back into that dark place…..

To say to someone with anorexia to ‘just eat’ is a really insensitive comment, and just remember, it is really difficult for them to do so. 

I have a list of foods that I admittedly am afraid of eating. 

My excuse (rather pathetic I must say..) for not eating them during meal times is either that “I don’t like it” or “It is unhealthy”. After giving some thought, the real reason has emerged from my senses: I am fearful that they might contribute to weight gain. The foods that I fear are rather calorie-dense….and well, they are not exactly nutritious either.

However, I don’t want to keep living with the fear of eating certain foods. I want to have a relaxed approach towards my meals and be able to eat whatever, whenever, with whoever. Right now, all I eat is healthy stuff and pretty much the same stuff day in, day out. I want to break free. I want to overcome my fear foods……If anyone could, please give me advice as to how I can overcome my fear foods!!!!

I am thinking of introducing a fear food at least once every week, starting from the most basic item such as bread or noodles!Image