Everyone has their ambitions, and mine is to lead a successful life.

Recently I have been exposed to successful people and I can’t help it but to have a desire to also be successful like them. So a question that came to my mind initially was “How can I be successful?”. Thanks to TED.com, I have found the 8 traits that successful people all have in common. They are the ‘8 TO BE GREAT’

  1. Be Passionate and Love what you do
  2. Work hard
  3. Focus on one thing, not on everything
  4. Keep pushing yourself and persevere
  5. Come up with good ideas
  6. Make Improvements on yourself and what you do
  7. Try New things
  8. Do not be afraid

I have adjusted the last two according to what I personally feel is important to achieve success. Anywho, even if I focus on these things, I will not be successful if I continue to live with my eating disorder. I HAVE TO RECOVER AND BE BETTER. 

Once I am free from my illness, the world is my oyster. I will be so free and ready to tackle anything and everything without any distractions or complications. I know it! 

So to all the beautiful and amazing people out there with eating disorders or other personal struggles, DON’T GIVE UP. KEEP FIGHTING AND FIND A REASON FOR RECOVERY. There is a life full of light at the end of the tunnel. You may have heard this a multitude of times, but it is well and true. Life is so awesome and there are so many other better things that to be stuck on the dark depths of anorexia or whatever.

Live life to the fullest.